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Heart and House Whispering..........Further Client Feedback


The Story....Client called for a consultation because her life was feeling stuck. She was living in a flat with her young son there part time. There were problems with neighbours and other relationships within her family. She was feeling depressed and had been in a couple of very destructive personal relationships. There was also a pending court case to decide on residency of her son.

Although in quite a good location her flat did not feel good, it very heavy and sticky in places which often goes with a period of depression or illness. Her bedroom especially was very cluttered and felt uncared for, which indicated a lack of self value and self esteem. The clients bed head was under the window which was a very weak place for it to be and was resulting in poor sleep patterns which did not enable her to have a consistantly positive outlook on life or the courage to be clear in her relationship with herself and others. She kept the blinds down all day which was blocking any positive chi from coming through the large windows.

Energetic cleansing and balancing of the flat was carried out and the physical turning around of the bed position so that her bedhead was against a good solid wall made the whole flat feel better. Advice and support for making other changes to her daily life were suggested to help her maximise the potential for a positive result with her son..

Result... Thank you so much for the brilliant work you did on Saturday over the Easter weekend, it was lovely to meet both of you and  am in such gratitude to you both.  I actually feel that it is a different flat. There has been a definite amazing change of energy in my flat,  it feels much lighter, and the atmosphere is less heavy, even  the cat is jumping about and seems happier!

I personally feel much more motivated and my head and attitude feel absolutely clear.  Due to the change in my bedroom I am now bouncing out of bed in the mornings and actually look forward to the day.  I have put my blinds up a bit higher to let more light in, and am at present looking around for a lovely romantic picture for my bedroom.

There have been no noticeable strange goings-on, only that the day after the cleansing on my mobile phone 2 different people had wrong numbers which I thought was a bit eerie. I myself  perceived this to be negative people trying to get back into my life.  Also, one of the lightbulbs blew but that is quite normal with the electricity situation in the area.

A couple of my friends have noticed that I am a lot more happier and content within myself as well which I feel is directly attributed to Saturday.  C

* * *


The story... Client made an appointment for a consultation because she and her husband were feeling unable to stay in their dream house. Neither of them were in a strong position financially and they did not know what to do as a next move.

The house was a beautiful georgian farmhouse which had had its front door taken away and blocked up by previous owners (The front door is the main portal of chi or energy in to a house) A small porch had been added to the side of the house which was not a strong orientation and out of proportion to the status of the house. From the time of booking the consultation things started to change rapidly. The client suddenly had new work which opened up and her husband heard that he was being promoted. During the consultation it was agreed that the front door needed to be re-instated and the suggestion was that the 'porch' be closed up and create a good home office for the husband.

Result... The remedial works have been completed and they are both doing extremely well in all aspects of life.

Everything is going very well. I have really taken our finances by the “whatsits” and am taking control of them as I have never really had the will to do before. My work is picking up and I’m actually able to get through it and get it done, finding the concentration and focus which was missing before too.

I don’t want to sell the house. I want to stay here till 2012 and complete the work I’m here to do. My meditations and the clarity of the messages from spirit are much clearer and I can feel the love in them. So I thank you both for all you did for us that day – everything that you do is so powerful, relevant and kicks the energy through phenomenally and certainly made transformations here. Love J

* * *


The story... Caroline and her husband had renovated a house and were ready to sell and move on. The house had been on the market for 18 months without a buyer. It had also provided a home for her brother during the renovation period.

I checked with Caroline that she was in fact really ready to move forward as often a house does not sell because one or other of the owners don't in fact want to move on or there is some reason that they were drawn to the house which has not resolved itself. Caroline felt clear that she was ready to move but there were some old memories which needed clearing which showed up in the dowsing proceedure. Once the energy had cleared then advice for improving the attraction of the house to new buyers was suggested including hanging baskets on the front porch to add colour and chi.

Result... Caroline says...Dear Sandy,

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for yesterday, it was wonderful working with you and experiencing the depth of your wisdom with the house and re balancing the energies, it certainly felt amazing as you carried out the placing of the harmonizers and I noticed how much calmer the whole house feels rather than just some rooms.

Also your advice on the rest of the changes was great and affordable and I am sure now we will get a buyer for the house and be able to move on. We will definately have you over to the new house and advise us again.

With love, Caroline (Southampton)

(Caroline went on to sell her house within 2 weeks after it had been on the market 18 months without selling)

* * *


The story... Clients in London wanted children and the wife was not able keep a pregnancy full term. She had had 3 miscarriages.

On visiting the house the clients had decorated and prepared their house for a baby including a nursery. It was a comfortable family house with a good garden. What was apparant in the house was that the 'nourishment' needed for a baby felt to be lacking. The dining room was a designed but sterile room which by their admission was not used and in the kitchen the cooker had not worked for quite some time (no chance of a 'bun in the oven') only one cooking ring worked on the top and all of the food they were eating was microwaved. It was suggested that they attended to this as soon as possible. The nursery room too required attention. The cot was placed under a series of high level top cupboards between 2 wardrobes. An alternative placement was selected.

Energy clearing and re balancing of the house to leave it in optimum energy for a new baby.

2 years after the consultation the client reported that they had a healthy baby boy of a year old.

* * *


Clients in Somerset unable to sell their house after months of it being on the market. The house was set in 80 acres of land and well sited. The gardens were rich and lush and the house looked very impressive from the drive. The core issue was quickly identified...that the house had been built of a number of time zones, having had numerous additions from the 16 century core building. It felt like none of the additions were talking to each other - they did not feel connected. It then transpired in conversation the the clients were not clear that they would be moving forward together. The house had represented an opportunity to move to the country from London in search of 'the good life' and this had not worked in the way they had hoped causing strain and challenges in the relationship.

Following the clearing and integrating of the energies of the property time zones and the gardens the whole place seemed to sparkle.

After consultation client sold house for £200.000 more than original asking price of £1.5 million within 28 days....this is the maximum time frame one would expect to sell in after such a consultation. 28 days or one lunar cycle. Also the clients said that they had decided to buy a new house together!

* * *


Client in Romsey, Hampshire with symptoms of Chronic Fatigue asked for some help. The client was living the a house with his father. The house had been purchsed from a very elderly gentleman and there was still a very strong sense of his presence in the house. There was very little positive energy in the house and many of the carpets were still from the previous owner. I advised the clients father if possible to change the carpets as history and heavy feelings can be held there. I suggested positive colours for the rooms and cleared through the old sticky energy during the consultation. The son had been sick for some time and the area in the sitting room in which he had spent months lying on the sofa was particularly heavy. This is usually the case when someone has been ill in a room so a lengthy period.

I also created a programme for a series of Pranic Healing treatments for the son to help with clearing old patterns from his personal energy field.

After the consultation and series of Pranic Healing treatments he was able to move forward with life and within a year was working again and a regular at the gym!

* * *

Client in Winchester with long term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was needing ongoing support in changing the energy of the property over 2 years after her husband had died.. Her husband had had a stroke in the property and had died shortly afterwards. Her distress and his period of ill health in the house was still very palpable especially in the middle room of this victorian terrace house.

We set a programme in place for slow and steady change in the property. It was not possible to do everything at once. The Chronic fatigue meant that small steps were needed for the client to integrate the changes. Inspiring colours were selected and low toxicity paint chosen and we started with that middle room. The house seemed to transform and start to glow did the client. It felt that the heart of her home was now coming alive again.

The client is working with strengthening and balancing her energies and her creativity is in flow again

* * *


Client in London who had son become psychotic after moving into their new house and eventually jumped out of a 3rd floor window and seriously damaged his leg but did not know why he had done this. He had just heard voices telling him to do it. The consultation showed very disturbed energy in the top floor of the property. It was an attic room with lots of angles and beams. A disturbing place to be for the mind which likes more stable geometry. During the consultation it became apparant that her son had a history of drug use in the past and this had caused an openness to serious disturbance in this situation.

The house when they bought it had had an institutional energy and each of the rooms had been rented out to individual people. It all felt heavy, sad and not connected. After the energy clearing and harmonising the house felt whole again.

The clients son was able to receive professional help to move forward and the house felt much calmer and a happier place to be.

It is a long time since you "sounded out" my house and we are all defininitely a happy household now, A has now found a job which is keeping him occupied, J has moved out and T is here in the uni hols.  So thanks for your help! 

* * *

Dear Sandy,

Your stay was an extremely important event in my life! Thank you so much for what you have done! I feel strong! I love the changing of my house.

The change is obvious! Everybody feels it! And now everybody dares to say how heavy and sad it had been before!

My house has become a wonderful place! The renovation work has just been finished: 5 weeks in dust and dirt! The workmen moved a vast amount of plaster from the walls and the ceilings in the living and dining room: about 30 wheelbarrows full of rubble. With all the wheelbarrows I had the feeling that all misery, sorrow and feelings of guilt left the house!

Beate (Fayence, France)

* * *

Dear Sandy,

I had very exciting times after the consultation.
The first few days I was very tired and needed more sleep and felt exhausted. I feel more balanced and energetic at the moment I am very interested what will happen's next! I will stay in contact with you!

Monika (Vienna)

* * *

Dear Sandy,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work that you did on our house.... it has made such a big difference. I also had a lovely day connecting with you!

Speak soon, Love Sarah (Frome)

* * *

Hi Sandy

I am writing to thank you so much for sharing with me your knowledge, although we are thousands of miles away, your voice gave encouragement, and the outcome is a whammy, It is magic, I took guidance from you, and the energy changed in our house, thank you so much,

love Evelyn and family in Washington DC

* * *

Hi Sandy, Thanks for the other day at my house, It feels very different. My feeling since you came is that I can be more strong in my thoughts about things I need in my life , does that make sense ?

love Maria (Brighton)


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