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“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” Albert Szent-Györgyi

Consultations: Personal Healing and Heart and House Whispering


Personal Healing Sessions

Are you feeling stuck in your current situation?.. perhaps you have health issues which you feel are limiting your ability to move forward.. do you long to make that breakthrough to a healthier more loving, joyful life?

I have a unique set of skills gathered through my own journey to wellbeing that could offer a key to unlock your potential to move forward... to help you find a sense of inner balance, optimize your energy and positivity and guidance to create healthy and sustainable relationships and financial freedom and abundance.

I work over skype or the phone... so location and time zones are not an issue... Most of my clients find that they best benefit from their sessions with me by a mix of talking through current issues in their lives and my working energetically with them 'live' to clear the energies around the issues... I am also then able to reflect back what I pick up from the session and help them fully work with and release the story... If appropriate I then share tools and techniques that will support their ongoing journey... I am also happy to just concentrate on a remote healing session for you at an appointed time from my dedicated energy healing room and then feedback over e mail.

How many sessions might you need?... well that depends on the issues... sometimes just one is enough to kick start the process!... or you may feel that a series of sessions would provide a safe supported structure for your journey of transformation.

All change comes from the inside out so my work is very much focussed on you and what you need to make that internal shift!!

I look forward to assisting you in your journey...

Pranic and Rose Healing plus Personal/Spiritual Guidance/Mentoring
Healing sessions by telephone/skype anywhere in the world or
In person sessions in Cadnam, Hampshire..... phone 07721 328 215


Dear Sandy, A huge thank you as always for our sessions, for supporting me and for all of your guidance and insights... I am gaining so much. L London

Sandy thank you- benefited so much: lots of stuff.. Diaphragm released it was v tight last few days.. So grateful. I am getting so much out of the sessions with you and also being supported and guided right now is huge for me. LL London.

Sandy, your absent pranic sessions have fast-tracked my recovery from this mystery lung disease which had me bedridden and on oxygen for 24hrs for nearly 3 years…  SA. Somerset

Sandy - I am feeling so much better today. The pain in my lung has gone. Thank you so much! Really appreciate your help. LD London

Just wanted to let you know: I got into flat, and suddenly all colour has come back into my face: I was looking so tired and drained..the energy and session is evident on
just a physical level... Thank you.
LL London.

Sandy possesses the unique gift of being committed to seeing those she works with thrive on their own terms - a way-shower for personal fulfillment.  I have been greatly gifted the opportunity to work with her over the past year.  The changes in me have radiated through my family and practice in ways
I couldn't have imagined.  I highly recommend her without hesitation or reservation'

Tom Gilman Architect New York

I just wanted to thank you for Friday.  It was a great treatment.  After speaking to you, I felt inspired to take action, so I came back home and set up my new company with Companies House.  I also bought the domain name, so at least the framework is there, even if I am not quite sure what the content will be or how to position it in the market!  You inspired me - thanks!
LD Surrey
' just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday. I woke up today after a massive sleep, refreshed, feeling like this was a new start/new begining.
TV London

Sandy ~ A lovely woman with a gentle calming voice, someone who is kind, nurturing, wise, sensitive, strong, vulnerable, giving... All of these wrapped up in one very special package as ' A Beautiful Gift ' would be, a beautiful gift which holds something very special within... This is what comes to mind when I think of my experience with you. Thank you for helping me along on my journey, being so real and open, genuinely able to relate, you have a special way about you which enabled me to open up, release and begin to blossom ~ As our chats may be miles and miles and miles away, often times it has felt as if we were sitting together in a lovely healing garden ~ You are ' A Beautiful Gift '
M. ~ Long Island, N.Y.

Dear Sandy, I felt compelled to write to you following recent events and experiences to you and give you an insight into what has happened since our sessions before Christmas. When I originally contacted you I was going through a tough and challenging time in my life, my wife had just lost a baby, my business
and health were suffering and all I could see was a huge impassable mountain.

Following the energy balancing sessions with you, thanks to your explanations I had a better understanding of what could be causing the blockages and challenges, and when things may start to ease up.  I accepted your guidance however as things continued to be challenging I became more confused and sceptical.  I continued following your advice, however I could see no end to the issues I was experiencing nor could I see how I could overcome some of the mounting financial challenges.

What I couldn’t foresee is that my life changed for the better literally overnight.  It wasn’t a slow or gradual process.  One day I woke up and had a loan approved by the bank (they have been rejecting my business loan applications for 9 years). I then secured contract after contract over the next few days. 

Even though I was in the middle of these challenges only a few weeks ago, it now feels like just a bad dream, I am once again awake and alive and ready to  move my life forward to the next level.

Interestingly you said I would experience massive improvements and be free from the challenges on the 20th February, which is tomorrow - I am excited and looking forward to things getting even better and more exciting! Thanks for all your help and continued support!

Love life and smile,Neil Shah
The Stress Management Society




Heart and House Whispering Consultations


Your healing journey is essentially a journey to self... to come to know and love yourself... to come 'home'... and maybe thats why home is really important.. what I do know is that it is important that you feel 'at home' where you live... that your heart and the heart of your home need to be talking to each other ie in resonance!

I have worked with people and their homes for the past 12 years... helping my clients do just that... come home to themselves. Sometimes that has meant identifying and dealing with residual spirit and entity energies, geopathic stress, old thought forms which are creating repeat patterns or addressing low vitality in the space.... sometimes it is unsupporting layouts and clutter or colours which do not energise either the client or the house which need attention... oh, and I do work with business premises too!

My picture is that your house should wrap its arms around you as you come through the door, hold you safe, nourished and energised to go back out into the world and share your gifts... and this is the aim of my consultations...


Heart and House Whispering Consultations .....

On site residential consultations (3-4 hours) = From £450 plus travel
On site commercial... please request a quotation 
phone 07721 328 215

some of the tools
checking orientation and energy
on site


We are a busy Orthodontic practice here in Vienna, Austria and we have had the pleasure of engaging Sandy Humby and her Interior Alchemy service for the past 5 years as part of our ongoing programme of maintaining a good and positive approach to managing wellbeing for both our staff and visiting clients in our office and clinic in the centre of the city.

Sandy has visited us regularly during this time as part of our protocol for ‘good energy’ support... with so many people coming in and out of our premises her dowsing work and clearing and rebalancing the energies here have been very beneficial in helping to create a calm, supportive oasis when our clients arrive... and a positive energy for us to work in to best serve them.

We have also engaged Sandy to help keep our personal apartments good and supportive places with bright and positive chi which has also helped us on a day to day basis. Her knowledge, clarity and integrity with her work has been very much appreciated.

Susanne and DDr Erwin Jonke... Vienna, Austria.

“We were absolutely thrilled with the results of the energy alignment that Sandy carried out when we bought our building and established the Zen Zone (in Parkstone, Poole).
The building had previously been used as serviced offices and the headquarters of a local Property Development Company, all of which created a stressful environment for the people working there.

Indeed one of the business that used the service space had failed and had to close down with all of the personal trauma that such things entail. Sandy came and identified the problem areas and cleared all the negative energy resting in the building. With this gone the whole character and personality of the building changed into a calm, tranquil and welcoming space. The recurring comment we hear as people
enter the Zen Zone is, “how calm and welcoming it is in here – so peaceful” .

Now with its new personality the building has become home to the successful and busy business that is the Zen Zone.

Rex and Arlette Pengilly, The Zen Zone, Holistic Centre and Yoga Studio, Parkstone. Poole. Dorset
Dear Sandy
Many thanks for your expertise and sharing last Wednesday
There was so much to take in, and reflect on.

I've already started to bring some things I love into my home...very exciting

DB. Hampshire
'I could feel it when you did the Rose Bagua - same as last time: very intense: raises energy level! wow! today we both woke up in balanced flat, which was wonderful. Again, thank you so much for your help! '

DB London
Dear Sandy, 
Thank you again for the session of yesterday. As promised, I just wanted to follow-up on
how I and the apartment feel. The flat feels much better and I had a very good night
of deep sleep with no feelings of fear at all. Also, a friend from the US visited me as
a surprise yesterday evening and stayed overnight as he needed a place to felt
great to spend the evening chatting with him in the flat.

It seems like the good energy is already "attracting" more people to my flat :-) 
With regard to me, yesterday evening I felt much better and if a weight was lifted from my body. It was good.

SS London

Thank you so much for working on the house once more yesterday.  This is my feedback
(simply what I saw when sitting in a relaxed and quiet state):
First I saw roses - big
cabbagey  pink ones, then I saw a square with each of us at one corner, then surrounded by a complex geometry of triangles which I presumed was some sort of grid.
My viewpoint was like a camera zooming in on each figure in turn. 

EB Italy

Sandy, Just to let you know that we moved back into our bedroom for Easter and it looks and feels just fantastic.  The ensuite is marvellous and all the colours really go well together. 
Also the family bathroom is finished and is great - we just need to decide whether to go for the mirrors.
So, the purpose of the email is to say a very big thank you for your designs and help generally,  We are really thrilled with the results, which are being much admired and a credit to you! You must come and take a look soon.Thanks again and see you soon. Kind regards,

SL Hampshire

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