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Sandra Marie Humby

'He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home'. Johann von Goethe

Healing the Heart of your home...
The Rose Alchemy Space Healing and the Rose 'Bagua'


Do you feel 'at home' in your home?

I have over 12 years of practical experience in working with the energies of space, listening,
'tuning in' and understanding the correlation between peoples lives, their personal stories and
why they are living where they do, experiencing what they are... be that health issues, wealth issues,
relationship issues or just not feeling at home and life having general stuckness issues!!!

I am an expert in space healing and harmonising and optimising space so that your home wraps
its arms around you as you come through the door and you feel safe, nourished, inspired
and energised to go back out into the world and share your awesome beingness and doingness!

So let me explain about The Rose Alchemy Rose 'Bagua'... A Bagua is a feng shui term
to describe an ancient plan of 9 squares which when placed over the plan of your house represents
the 9 main areas of life. career, relationships, ancestors, wealth and abundance, health,
helpful friends, creativity and children, contemplation and fame/success.


In my work with the Roses I was guided to bring together a set of 9 specific Rose energies
that work in the same way as the traditional Bagua... each Rose representing one of these
different areas... After the tuning in, space clearing and harmonising of your home, the question
now is what it is you are wishing to bring forward to experience in your life in these
9 areas?... You have some time to focus your thoughts then we 'activate' the grid with
your intentions and set the Roses to work... filling your newly cleared space
with your vision for the future...
it is a beautiful and powerful experience.

The Rose Bagua Set

I offer.... Remote and On site consultations and advice

Analysis of influences - geopathic, vortexes and portals
orientation, psychic geopathic and predecessor energy

Correlation to your story - where does the story of the house match your story?...
we are drawn to a place through resonance and the need for resolution... it is after all your house!!

Energy cleansing, Balancing and Harmonising - I use specific energy
charged processes to cleanse and re balance your space

Uplifting the chi and setting intention - we work together filling
your newly cleansed space with beautiful sounds and intention and share a
heart connecting meditation - bringing you and your space into
highest alignment for your ongoing soul journey

Colour, content and layout consultations - I can help you select colours
which support and enhance your energy and wellbeing and are harmonic for your home...
and work with you to clear clutter, select aligned furniture and furnishings
and optimise the layout for your perfect home...

Client feedback

“We were absolutely thrilled with the results of the energy alignment that Sandy carried
out when we bought our building and established the Zen Zone (in Parkstone, Poole).
The building had previously been used as serviced offices and the headquarters of a local
Property Development Company, all of which created a stressful environment for the
people working there. Indeed one of the business that used the service space had failed
and had to close down with all of the personal trauma that such things entail. Sandy came
and identified the problem areas and cleared all the negative energy resting in the building.
With this gone the whole character and personality of the building changed into a calm,
tranquil and welcoming space. The recurring comment we hear as people enter the Zen Zone
is, “how calm and welcoming it is in here – so peaceful” . Now with its new personality
the building has become home to the successful and busy business that is the Zen Zone.

Rex and Arlette Pengilly, The Zen Zone, Holistic Centre and Yoga Studio,
Parkstone. Poole. Dorset

Sandy, Thank you so much for your help. Last night: I could feel it when you did the Rose Bagua -
same as last time: very intense: raises energy level! wow! today we both woke up in
balanced flat, which was wonderful. Again, thank you so much for your help! love DB London


Dear Sandy Many thanks for your expertise and sharing last Wednesday There was so much to take in,
and reflect on. I've already started to bring some things I love into my home, 2 rugs so far
and another turquoise one arriving next week.- they lift my spirit, and the cats love them of
course :-) Both daughters contacted me that day, and the eldest came down on Sunday evening
and Monday and helped clear some items of hers from the front bedroom. I found some gold voile
which will look great in the front bay window  There will be someone coming next week to look at
boxing in the alcove in my bedroom and redoing my kitchen - very exciting...
DB Hampshire

My training and experience

*KLC London - Cert. Interior Decoration with Merit (2001)
*Bathroom Designer of the Year Finalist (2003)
*Pranic (true energetic) Feng Shui - Master Hector Ramos (2007)
*Form School Feng Shui - Roger Green(2007)
*Over 400 consultations in UK and Internationally
*Co Creating the Art of House Whispering and show
with Christian Kyriacou (2006 - 2014)
*Member of the British Society of Dowsers

hw beach

on the set of 'The House Whisperer'

What does your home whisper to your heart?

When we feel relaxed in a place our energy fields can expand and be recharged.
This enables us to be more effective in our work, more content in our rest and
more available for fun in our play.

For many of us that is not how our homes feel and therefore our personal energy
fields can't relax and expand...........our energy fields stay in contraction because at
some level we are just not at ease in our own homes. When our energy fields stay in
contraction over a period of time our immune systems become challenged as the
flow of vital chi or life force available for our good health and sense of connection
in life is diminished and a result we can get sick.

'A goldfish is only as healthy as the quality of the water it is swimming in' Master Choa Kok Sui


See the Consultations page for more information and Client feedback

burr oak

Clearing predecessor energy and other unhelpful energies

The knowledge of cleansing rituals in our living spaces was known and active in all
ancient peoples and religions of the world. Our pull to 'spring cleaning' to clear away
the cobwebs of the winter and allow space for the new energy to come in is
common to many cultures. From the Ancient Celts cleansing and purification
rituals to the Goddess Brigid at the spring festival Imbolc, the Persians scrupulously
cleaned everything in their houses in time for the first day of spring, to the Jewish
rituals prior to the Passover Feast. Within the Chinese culture the entire house was
cleaned before New Year, no cleaning to take place on New Years Day for fear
that good fortune would be swept away. House clearing in Japan was seen
as 'The dirt this year - In the year' ie clean for a fesh start for a New Year.

Space Clearing also addresses something known as 'predecessor energy', that a
house will hold the memory and energy of all that has gone on within its walls prior
to our moving in. Happy vibes are good but if there has been sickness, divorce,
bankruptcy, violence or unhappiness these are not so helpful!!. The house will also
hold what is and has been happening in our own lives for instance we know when
we walk into a space when someone has had an argument...we say' you could
cut the air with a knife' or 'the air was blue'. This and other events will 'solidify'
in a space making it feel restless, stuck and uncomfortable to be in, out of balance
and compromising our positive energy.

Its a lot more difficult to be able to see what is happening in our own spaces as it is
our own 'stuff' and issues. This is where it is helpful to have someone else to work with
on the clearing and this is a fundamental part of an Interior Alchemy consultation.
Clear space enables any Feng Shui or design enhancement to be more powerful.

sacred ceremony

When to clear?

*When you move into a new house

*After significant changes to your circumstances eg: marriage, divorce, birth of a child,
bankrupcy, new job or business

*If someone has been in poor health in the house

*If you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward

*if there are spaces in your home you just don't feel comfortable in.

*If you want to sell your home and it is not attracting buyers.



WiFi and EMF Harmonisation

For the past 6 years we have used solutions from Phi Harmonics based in Devon, England
for clients looking to create healthy low toxicity homes.

We offer personal, environmental and WiFi units which have been tried and tested in
our own home and office and also with clients.



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