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All images and text © 2015
Sandra Marie Humby


'Your task is not to seek for Love but merely to seek and find all of the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it'

The Way of The Rose is a pathway to consciously heal and transform all that inhibits your ability
to fully embody beauty, truth and love in every step of your journey through life...
and to then live and manifest from that vibration...

For when you align that which is above with that which is below and bring balance to
left and right, yin and yang the Rose of the Heart fully blooms... you enter a unified field of
presence in which all things are possible... and create heaven on earth...

From my journey with the Rose in this past 5 years I have been guided to create an Oracle set...
a set of 45 Rose energies as guides and wayshowers to assist your journey to healing...
each one works with a specific aspect of your inner story and in a way akin
to Alchemy... transforming that thought or emotion into your gold




45 Amazing Rose energies.

Each one a unique vibrational healing signature... which works at a cellular level
in the body

Here to clear, balance and align your energy.

To uplift, restore and inspire you in mind, body and spirit

To open your heart even more to fully live life and LOVE

Sandra Marie is the keeper of the Rose Gold flame
and creative channel for 'Rose Alchemy'

Rose Alchemy programme is currently offered in 5 one day classes which all build
on the attunment to the Rose energies and an opening into this 'Work' offered in class 1.

The 'Work' is based on the Sacred Wisdom and Knowledge passed down through the
light code lineage of the Feminine Mystery schools and the Alchemical teachings of the Ages...
The classes are a mix of visual imaging, storytelling and practical experience of working
with the perfected geometry, beauty and amazing healing power of the Roses... balancing the
masculine and feminine aspects of self and bringing heartfelt healing and authentic
power and expression to all aspects of your life... especially your relationships

Bring more of yourself into the present and experience a sense of pure beingness
Feel the flow... the deep inner peace and the LOVE...

'Every sweet-scented rose tells from its heart
the secrets of heaven and earth'

redrose cardset
Rose 1
The Original Rose set

'I use the "POWER OF THE ROSE" on a daily basis. They protect me at all times.
I also carry all of the cards everywhere I travel, always!

'I recommend Sandra Marie Humby and The Way of the Rose!
Beautiful workshop, beautiful healing method, beautiful woman.
EK, Sedona, USA
......... more class feedback? scroll down the page

nj rose 2
Rose 1 NJ 2012
Rose 2 NJ 2012


July 2012 New York Open Centre Bagua Class on lunch break !


Rose Alchemy classes are offered on a regular basis at various locations in
the UK and Internationally... see my class calendar and events page for current dates
and places... if you have a group who you feel would be interested in an evening talk
or day workshop.. do e mail me

Sandy sharing the Rose class in Glastonbury 2011
sharing the Roses with Natasha Sherman
tv30 Princeton NJ
open centre
New Jersey Expo night and the Roses
June 2011 see and buy the
Rose Power Mats in the shop
The group returning to the Open Centre Manhatten for the Rose Bagua Class
July 2012


“The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose” - Hada Bejar

Current Class Details...

Class 1: Healing with the power of the Roses... Personal attunment to the Rose energies

Exploring the history and symbolism of the Rose through visual imaging and story telling...
The ancient lineage of the 'Rose line'... Why and how the Roses work.
Tune into the11 key Roses from Rose Alchemy' set... feeling their power
connecting with you... Finding where they resonate with your story... gently illuminating any old programmes and patterns you are still holding enabling them to release at a cellular level you will also learn the basic healing grid for personal and remote work...

Class 2 : Dynamic Balance, Creative Passion and Inner peace!

A great day to deepen your experiences with the Roses and add 3 amazing Master Rose energies to the power of your work!
The chakras and their connection to the organs and our emotional stories will be covered in depth plus the 5 wounds to the heart of abandonment, betrayal, denial, judgement and separation. We will work with meditation exercises to open and align the 'Rosegates' in the body, your connection to yourself, your intuition, creativity, passion and fully living from the Heart... there will be hands on experience of Advanced personal and remote healing grids with the Roses...

Class 3: Practitioner Training... only open to those who have completed
Rose 1,2 and the Rose Bagua

Hands on training with the 34 rose frequencies, Rose grids, crystals and Sacred Geometry for those wishing for advanced personal development or for therapists and those working professionally with the Roses or wishing to incorporating the Rose energies into their work...
Sandra Marie will share her understanding of the nature of the Rosegates and their connection to the organs and glands in the body... plus essential energy hygiene for practitioners...
We will also be exploring the knowledge handed down through the Feminine Mystery Schools and its relevance to now... deepening our connection to self and source and unity consciousness... a powerful and beauty full day!

Class 4 ;Healing the Heart of your home:
Rose Alchemy Space Healing and the Rose 'Bagua' Light Codes

The Bagua (a Feng Shui term) is an ancient life map indicating areas of your space and life that can be optimized by awareness and intention.... the 9 core areas of life are broadly seen as Career, Relationships, Ancestors, Abundance, Health, Helpful Friends, Creativity, Contemplation and Fame...
The Rose Bagua class addresses the energies of your spaces and what creates home... You will learn ways to clear and harmonize your space and to consider why you live where you do... what drew you to the space and through that view what is revealed and how that relates to your soul journey
We then work with the Rose Bagua... working with the Heart of your home... bringing your Heart and the Heart of your home into resonance and through the activation of the Rose Bagua create vibrant Sanctuary space for you in which to work, rest and play

sacred ceremony

Sacred Ceremony with Palo Santo and the Rose 'Bagua'




My journey with the Roses

I have always loved Roses... my earliest of memories in my Grandfathers garden
in the New Forest, England and his Roses under the front room window...
My own design gifts lead me to create a successful business as a Wedding Dress Designer...
so for 18 years the hand made Roses we put on the dresses filled the workroom!
My journey then took me along other pathways of exploration of myself and relationship,
energy and healing, bringing me to rest at The Alhambra, Granada, Spain nearly 4 years ago at
Rose time... I had finally come home... and the mystery of the Rose started to reveal itself!

From that visit and the wisdom which flowed from the Roses, the original 'Way of the Rose'
set was birthed.... working with me and revealing step by step the ancient esoteric
knowledge held within the 'Rose (lin-e-age)' and the Sacred Sisterhood of the Rose.
So I travelled from the Venus temple of the Alhambra to the Solar disk at Rosslyn
Chapel, Scotland weaving the path of the Solar and Lunar energies held in the Rose...
They paused and pulled back at times for me to integrate the shifts needed
in my energy and healing to carry the next level of vibration...

I always share at the classes the unfolding nature of this work.... it is moving... it is dynamic
it speaks of this time in our human evolution... and is part of the uplift in consciousness...
it is beauty full and power full...


sandy rosslyn
Under the Rose
Rosslyn Chapel

Previous class participant feedback

Just want to share the email below with you about my lovely sister in law's open heart operation today. All went well. I set up a Rose healing spread with your wonderful cards last night and am leaving them in place for a couple of days. The energy from them is stunning, fills the room, and undoubtedly is supporting 'S' enormously. Lots of angelic support too when I tune in. Thank you so much for your wonderful work :)
RI Devon England

Thank you for such a lovely retreat weekend. The roses are gorgeous, powerful and what a beautiful way of creating healing and balance for ourselves, our homes and our world; a truly loving gift to share. I am curious to know how  The Way of the Rose journey unfolds for us all and share your belief that the time is right to take this precious gift out into our fractured world. PS, Dorset, UK 


Firstly you would be laughing! Because at the moment I have been around the flat and placed my set of rose bagua in the places from the grid..rearranged things a bit! I'm surrounded by roses! And it feels good. Just sitting here before work.... Thank you as I know it is a combination of everything and I can't articulate in words how important the weekend was- as with everything profound, it takes time. I just love, love the roses. They make me smile, have huge grace and make me feel v happy. You give so much, and have so much to give: I wish the world could experience even a tiny bit that I have from the weekend and the magic and wonder you are bringing.... Watch this space!!!!! LL, London UK


Hello Sandy, I was AMAZED at how connected I am to the "ROSES". I know with all things, when we carry the power of belief with us manifestation is ours for the asking. I use the "POWER OF THE ROSE" on a daily basis. They protect me at all times. I also carry all of the cards everywhere I travel, always! I know the mat of the white Rose was my favorite and I tuck it into my BRA when I need extra energy... I LOVED how the class evolved. ALWAYS be the leader with kindness that you are. You have a great gift to give the world!  
 With love and energy, VP, USA


I recommend Sandra Marie Humby and The Way of the Rose! Beautiful workshop, beautiful healing method, beautiful woman. EK, Sedona, USA


Hello Beautiful Sandra Marie!...I am continuing to work in different ways with the roses, who most often come into my healing team when they are most needed, supporting my preparation, setting up an open channel in which to work, adding subtle strength through grace and, most often, bringing a beautiful finish to the work of both personal healing and space clearing. Occasionally one or more of the roses will stay energetically with a client to continue support after our session together. I feel as though they are always with me whenever I turn my inner attention to them. I can't thank you enough for giving me your own beauty through the roses!! SR, NY USA


I wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful healing rose workshop last saturday in NJ. I've been communing with the roses everyday since. I feel there intense vibrations as I sit with them in meditation and am blown away at how instantly I feel them within me. These rose have lifted me to a new a vibration. I can truly feel the expansiveness of them in me. I am excited about them!!

What a gift you have brought fourth! thank you so much. I have also experimented in some distance healing work with them with others. I really feel like these rose have lifted me to another level of personal healing as well as my work with others. I have passed along the beauty of these roses with others and they are open ears to hear about this. Hope you come back and visit us soon. in gratitude and love AJ, NJ USA


Just wanted to say hi & thank you so much for your beautiful presence, insight & guidance on such an inspiring goddess journey towards the way of the rose. I had the most powerful cleansing dreams last night & feel energy shifts taking place today, feels like I am letting go on so many levels of what no longer serves me. So thank you for a perfect day spent sharing with 11 divine goddesses:)AJ London


Dear Sandra, Thank you from my heart for sharing the amazing power of the Roses. I worked with them this morning as I did energy work for my friend with cancer. The healing was beautiful, swift and powerful and I felt deeply supported. DH NJ USA

Sandra, Kudos for such an amazing workshop. I am so grateful for your pioneering work with the roses and for sharing your knowledge and gifts in such a gentle loving and joyous way. DH


A big hello and a warm thank you all for a richly filled weekend. Thanks to all for sharing so much, and for being open to me being there as the first guy (and the first 2 meter tall person!) Thanks to Renae for opening your house to us on Sunday and the logistical support for the weekend. And a big 6'6 hug thanks to Sandy, you cool cat - you continue to amaze me with your gifts, beautiful ability to communicate them and to inspire. The roses have been working away, and i'm looking forward to them expanding the horizons of my journey. Looking forward to seeing you all again when our paths next meet. :) TG NJ USA


Hello Sandy, Wow, I am still in the glow from yesterday! And MR 3 is  doing some wonderful things for me.  I almost feel like I have this support system with this rose's energy. It is a powerful energy- I welcome it .Again, thank you for your courage in traveling the rose path and generously sharing your wisdom with us!!!!

I have been playing with the dowsing rods this the feel of them in my hands. Wanted to dowse the energy circle of the roses that are placed in my house. # 5 which is in the front entry way creates a circle of 12-14 feet through the outside walls and inside. #8 which is in my bedroom projects its energy forward in a semicircle and spills into the energy field of #5. Unlike # 5 , the back did not spill out through the outside wall. MR 3 which is in the kitchen triggered the rods to go all the way back-almost like a blast of energy hit them. So exciting and comforting to visually see the fields their loving energy creates. And I slept for 8 straight hours last night....unheard for me........ JG NJ USA


Sandy, it was great to be a student of the Way of the Rose II class. I feel honored to be part of this groundbreaking work which you have SOOOO generously shared with us. Thanks ever so much!... PM. NJ USA


Dear Sandy, The effects of the workshop were and still are absolutely tremendous. First, I had a lesson in male/female energy balancing during the session. Then, the mastercards cleared the cobwebs/thoughtforms lodged in my third eye. Since then, I found my voice again, I have clear boundaries and can stand my ground at work and 'home' without being aggressive. It is as if I can be myself again. I have a renewed sense of direction and identity.Things are happening effortlessly It is truly amazing!!! I trust the universe and feel everything will be OK now. I feel truly blessed to have met you.

I forgot to tell you that I gave my first rose card healing on sunday at the end of a distant healing session. As the time was limited, I stayed to make sure I keep within the time limit and at first, the energy felt like dynamite, I even asked the cards to be gentle on the person, as I was not sure how she would respond. (especially as she had to function straight afterwards.) They are very good at clearing (they cleared the whole field in 10 mins)... ES UK


Hi Sandy Thank you so much for a lovely and very inspirational day! LS Surrey


Thank you Sandy! It was a really fantastic day! I felt very privileged to be present and experiencing that beautiful rose energy! When I came home I had the usual locking horns and clashing of male and female energy with my husband and called on help from the roses.  And the results were amazing! CV London


I don't specially do a  lot of work with the cards, not as much as I should, but your classes hold so much love and wisdom and power And acceptance, everything enfolds naturally without even trying, it's pure magic.
I feel truly privileged to have been able to attend them. Thank you so much.
Lots of love. ES London


“Then will I raise aloft the milk-white rose,
For whose sweet smell the air shall be perfumed.”
- William Shakespeare

goddess of the rose

The Goddess of the Rose

Sandy Humby Hampshire UK © Sandy Humby 2015